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Times are changing, and healthcare providers are feeling the economic squeeze now more than ever.  Our Law Office serves Medical Professionals and Healthcare Institutions. Being a healthcare provider is not easy. Legal and Compliance is often very slow and hard to get around. Our firm makes it a priority to help by off-loading healthcare administrator worries. As Attorneys for Healthcare Organizations – Hospital Attorneys – We do this by giving you :


Before you pay any invoice, we promise that we will strive to perform the work to satisfy you, and if the workmanship does not meet your satisfaction, we will either fix it to your liking or you don't pay.


Our Clients have access to a Senior Partner 24/7, via call or text. There are questions that often cannot wait. A delay could change the trajectory of what you are doing.

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We strive to make you more efficient and worry free. There are many lawyers, but there are extremely few qualified Healthcare Attorneys that truly understand what healthcare professionals are faced with each day.

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We minimize legal speak. We communicate with clarity, so not only do you know your options with regard to each legal matter, but you understand the risks and likelihood of outcomes; then you make the decision.

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We are HealthCare Law Partners!

If you are a physician, nurse, dentist, pharmacist, hospital, physician group, or medical lab looking for legal advice then you've reached the right site. Today's healthcare environment is riddled with complex issues of professionalism, market strategy and the law.

From 6th century BC to present, healthcare has evolved into many specializations. Similarly, law has evolved with its own specializations. Just like you would not trust your teeth to be tended to by a podiatrist, you also should not trust your legal matters to be handled by anyone other than a “healthcare attorney.”

We are a proud sponsor and a valued vendor of choice for the Broward County Medical Association, and the Dade County Medical Association

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Ben Assad Mirza, Esq., CHC, CPA, JD, LLM, MPHA
Important Note: If you need legal advice that is more state law specific than what is required by Federal Statutes, please advise us so we may connect you with the right legal counsel licensed in the state you are inquiring about.