How a documentation record trail is kept for healthcare whistleblowing Medicare or Insurance fraud?

First you must understand the types of violations that are occurring  in your healthcare organization. The better you understand the violations, the better you will be at gathering the documents, identifying the individuals that participated in those violations, and the methods by which they are communicated. Hence you may want to collect

- Pertinent Healthcare Documents: key healthcare contracts, relevant healthcare studies, operational healthcare reports, powerpoint presentations, and executive reports, even examples of patient records.

- Pertinent Healthcare Communication:  emails, letters, text messages, voicemails, or copies that were sent from one party to another that you happen to be privy to. 

- Your Corporate Position Opposing the Violation: a record of communication that shows that you did not participate in the alleged violations, and more over if you were asked to that you objected to the allowing the healthcare violation to occur.

Once you have gathered this information, make sure you do not share it with colleagues, competitors or others in the industry.  Remember, gathering these types of documents may be problematic, but gathering for the purpose of reporting to a governmental agency is not provided. So keep these records confidential. You may want to have your attorney review them with you to see if there is a case.   

In the event you get fired, these documents will also be your life raft to having a viable claim against the company.  

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