If you are wondering what types of forms do I need to start a clinic or healthcare business, here is a short list that may be helpful.

Checklist of FORMS Needed for Office-Patient relationship that We Can Assist your Healthcare Business With:
 Consent - Informed Consent
 Consent for BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Therapy
 Disclaimer for Educational Session 
 Good Faith Estimate
 Group Visit Consent Form
 HIPAA - Business Associate Agreement
 HIPAA Annual Training Acknowledgement
 HIPAA Authorization to Disclose PHI
 HIPAA Disclosure Tracking Log
 HIPAA Notice of Privacy
 HIPAA Patient Request for Records
 HIPAA Policies and Procedures Manuel
 HIPAA Privacy Complaint Form
 HIPAA Pt Acknowledgement  of Notice
 HIPAA Revocation of Authorization Form
 Letter to Insurance Companies - Addition of Cash Only Services
 Medicare Opt-Out Affidavit
 Medicare Opt-Out Instructions
 Medicare Private Contract
 Office Policies and Procedures
 Online Course Terms Conditions
 Online Membership Agreement Terms and Conditions
 Online Social Media Disclaimer
 Patient Program Agreement
 Patient Termination - Discontinuation of Care Letter
 Patient Testimonial Release
 Practice Website Disclaimer
 Practice Website Privacy Policy
 Practice Website Terms and Conditions
 Suggested Supplement Disclosure
 Supplement Dispensary Disclosure
 Telemedicine Consent

Checklist of Legal Business and Professional AGREEMENTS We Can Assist your Healthcare Business With:
 Medical Director Agreement
 Lease or Sublease Agreement
 Equipment Lease(s)
 Supplier Agreements
 Review of Malpractice Insurance
 Operating Agreement
 Shareholder Agreement
 Promissory Note - Lending to the Business
 Confidentiality Agreement - Non-Disclosure Agreement
 Employment Agreement for MD or DO
 Employment Agreement for Office Staff
 Employment Agreement for RD-Nutritionist
 Employment Provider Supervision Agreement
 Independent Contractor Agreement for MD or DO
 Independent Contractor Agreement for RD-Nutritionist
 Independent Contractor Provider Supervision Agreement
 Patient Concierge Agreement
 Patient Fee For Services Agreement
 Patient Health Coaching Agreement between Client-Coach
 Patient Membership Agreement

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