Construction Contracting for Healthcare Facilities is Unique

From hospitals to clinics to labs, the internal workings of these facilities have certain elements that are very different, such as how they provide emergency medical service, how they have unique signaling mechanisms and electronics, and how they have unique gas and chemical systems. The most important thing to a provider is Safety, Quality, Good Relationships, Budget, and Schedule.

As part of the construction team, we are hands-on and a ready resource to discuss any and all phases of construction and legal implications: 1) Planning and design;
2) Contractor selection: licensing, insurance, bonding, subcontracting, etc.
3) Strategy for selection of trade professions;
4) Developing milestones and payment metrics that are fair and appropriate with the amount of effort and actual work completed; including workers' liens and releases; 
5) Procurement of services and materials: 3 bids, open bid, spec bid, etc.
6) Ensuring warranties are represented accurately, with minimized out-clauses;
7) Dispute resolution and recovery if the construction project is not done right. We know and tackle the concerns of uninterrupted patient care and patient, staff, and visitor safety. We work on projects such as:

  1. New Hospital Construction
  2. Hospital Renovations and Expansions
  3. Long-term Acute Care Centers
  4. Clinics and Treatment Centers
  5. Medical Office Buildings

i.e. Elevator operations and security are often a critical part of patient visits, safety, and construction project operations; how will your project work around the elevator issues? We have niche experience and background in elevator/vertical transportation. There is no such thing as standardized contracts when it comes to construction, each contract is unique and has very unique clauses, even if it is an AIA contract.

What healthcare providers need is their attorney, who works with them to ensure that the project proceeds with minimum glitches, the costs are projected correctly, and the warranties are buttoned down by the end of the project.

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