Our Pricing is Available in the form of Monthly Subscription, Fixed Fee, Contingency, or Hourly

Unlock professional legal advice with a personalized 1-hour legal consultation for just $675. Get clarity and confidence, identify risks, explore your options (including DIY solutions), and gain a clear roadmap to tackle your legal challenges. Take the first step towards a secure, informed future. Book your appointment today!

Our clients excel and we do our best work when our clients see us as long-term partners in their market strategy and business operations. A client may choose a “Counselor On-Call” plan or they may choose to retain us for a specific legal issue or dispute. In either event, we guarantee that we will strive to perform the work to satisfy you, and if the workmanship does not meet your satisfaction, we will either fix it or refund your money. Our invoices contain sufficient detail of the work performed (by date by file name) for our clients to know and understand what our staff worked on. We also do not take on any assignment if it means that the costs outweigh the benefits to the clients.

Things we do differently:
  • most questions or discussions via phone or text;
  • 24/7 access to a partner via phone or text;
  • monthly reporting on all legal issues pending with our firm;
  • periodic meetings to discuss the legal pending issues. 

* Note – We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the workmanship of the tasks we perform for you. Our firm does not guarantee results since all legal matters have a varying degree of risk and uncertainty, and the result cannot be guaranteed.


Legal Services are Affordable with "Counselor On-Call"

When choosing a competent healthcare attorney, pricing is very important. We aim to bring our clients value. Our clients have one reasonable request regarding legal costs: don't bill for something that was not approved, and don't bill for something that should be included in the cost of delivering the service. We do not bill for text messages and normal types of phone calls. Our hourly rate is $575/hour for a senior attorney. See the monthly programs below

Fixed Fee - Hiring By the Project or the Case

Some of our clients prefer knowing what the fees will be in totality from the beginning. Often some projects require legal attention and they have a predictable path. We offer fixed-fee pricing for those types of projects. Predictability typically means that there are several possible outcomes, they all require the same or similar type of effort, skill, and time. If a client is concerned about legal cost overruns, we work with our clients to meet their goals and expectations.

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