The two news papers that are a regular in the healthcare industry are:

South Florida Hospital News and Report –

Beckers Hospital Review –  

Having a “Press” and lots of it, is essential to our democracy. Nutrient dense reliable journalism is hard to find.  Amid coronavirus many weekly papers and small dailies are facing peril from cut off of ads and live events.  Local papers are necessary, they provide us critical information about our community. Most national stories are first founded in Local papers. The local reporters break the 50% of stories of national import; from stories like systematic failures in our government to societal issues. Many local papers have been cut, they are printing only a few days a week. The unregulated world of private equity and hedge funds utilize leveraged buyout methods to boost earnings by decreasing staff and not re-investing in the target companies they acquire. Vulture funds go after newspaper and bleed them dry.  Since 2004 newspaper revenues have decreased more than 50%.  The internet has cut into newspaper revenues. Local papers are disappearing, and its going to hurt all of our communities, we will have lost the ability to connect to each other and to rooting out corruption at the local levels.  Almost ½ the counties in the US have only 1 or “no” newspaper. For example: City of Bell, California has not had a news paper since 2005; that is where city officials eliminated salary caps. The police chief earned $457K salary and the city manager earned $787K, this is the highest public employee salary anywhere in the United States including the President. Where there is no press, actions go unchecked. The importance of local news papers is glaringly obvious. Detecting corruption like this is important.  

Only highly niche papers are surviving it in this environment like the South Florida Hospital. In healthcare that is

Beckers Hospital Review

Beckers Hospital Review is an important national level news source for healthcare administrators, for they report national trends, events, rankings, etc. Including proposed legislation.  They are the leading hospital magazine for hospital news and analysis for hospitals and healthcare system executives.   

Becker's Hospital Review –

South Florida Hospital News and Reports

South Florida Hospital News and Healthcare Report  is one of the most important Florida news sources in the healthcare industry. The paper reports on the latest occurrences in healthcare, including changes in business approach in terms of innovation and financial modeling. South Florida Hospital News and Healthcare Report reports in indepth on the trends, issues, and people that impact the area's healthcare industry. keeps tabs on changes in healthcare leadership, changes in business expansion or reduction, provides insight into financial and legal aspects of healthcare in Florida. The news paper's goal is top quality healthcare journalism written and edited for the region's most successful, powerful healthcare business executives and professionals.  If you are looking to connect with like minded administrators, accountants, or executives, South Florida Hospital News is a great place to start exploring when and where to do professional networking in healthcare. 

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