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The healthcare law industry is changing, and here is how. The year 2020 undoubtedly will go down in history for ushering in an enormous chapter of change in all social and economic sectors. Healthcare law is no exception. As health systems and physician organizations grapple with the economic disruption due to COVID-19, the pressure to cut legal costs is huge. Eliminating the old ways of nickel and diming buried in client billing needs to change. A fresh look at the efficient delivery of legal services is the answer.

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What Do Healthcare Clients Want? Healthcare organizations want to know what service they are buying and how much will it cost upfront. Clients want to know that they can call a legal expert 24/7 when something goes wrong at the hospital or the clinic. Clients want to see law firms leverage a bank of document templates and transfer the cost savings to the client. Administrators and physicians need practical legal advice, not legalese when they call their attorney. This writing has been on the wall for years, and still, most firms are very resistant to following these customer wants.

What are some of the healthcare provider blind spots? Healthcare providers think of some great ideas, but they are often not sure how to best implement them. Regulations are their blind spots. Companies attempt to set a new direction with goals and take flight, but they have to go through the healthcare triangle. That triangle is likened to the Bermuda Triangle, and it causes some great companies to lose their sense of direction and get stuck in the weeds of regulation. What clients want is someone to help them navigate the legal blind spots. Lawyers who are often too lawyerly and not practical, simply perpetuate those blind spots. “To truly improve healthcare, the industry needs individuals who can navigate the system more strategically; and in law, lawyering alone is not enough,” says Ben Assad Mirza. Ben relies on his skill set, not only as an attorney but as a certified public accountant and a Yale MPHA graduate to truly understand the patient/administrator way of thinking. Having a “Counselor On-Call” is an extremely practical and important solution for clients.

Counselor On-Call

Healthcare Law Partners, LLC has introduced a fixed fee law firm model of representation, “Counselor On-Call”, and is currently one of few, if not the only, healthcare firm in the country to offer this option. “We aim to provide our clients legal insights at the time they need them,” he said, “and so we launched a new predictable fee and legal services delivery model.”

With “Counselor On-Call”, clients have 24/7 text and call access to an outside law firm, in-house counsels can get rid of their “contract clogs”, and they can do it in a predictable fixed fee manner. Contract clogs slow down workflow often causing in-house counsels to fall behind in the work they need to get done. The clog often translates to delays in realizing revenues.

The “Counselor On-Call” approach is made possible by the core belief that “Much of what we do in law is predictable. Our clients tell us what they need and we offer them fixed pricing options. We use existing document templates to drive down costs, and provide a mutual benefit,” says Mirza. This leads to standardization and shortens the turnaround time to go to a fully executed contract. “Even our firm logo represents the healthcare triangle of patient care, finance, and regulations and we deliberately approach healthcare issues with a holistic solution customized to the particular needs of the client,” he said.

Who would benefit most from the Counselor On-Call program? This program is very practical in relieving the belabored general counsels, in-house attorneys, and administrators. In-house counsels often need outside counsel experienced in creating and implementing solutions to help dissolve their contract clogs. When there is litigation, it involves significant engagement of legal resources and coordination, production of documents and depositions; again, in-house staff has to be preserved for the inside strategic matters and litigation gets handed off. Recognizing this critically important partnership, Mirza approaches lawyering as if his firm is an extension of his client, fully engaged and loyal, with hands-on involvement. He makes himself fully accessible, 24/7 via cell and text and he stands ready to serve his clients. His law firm does not bill for text messages and normal type of daily phone calls.

Ben Mirza is a seasoned executive who has worked inside health systems. There he discovered that professional operational silos resulted in gaps of knowledge between policymakers, physicians, administration, and allied health professionals. Ben focuses his practice of law on healthcare providers, practice groups, hospitals, and health systems. He is a member of the Florida and D.C. Bars, and he is a member and serves associations like the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) of South Florida, National Association of Health Services Executives (NAHSE) of Florida, and Indian Physicians of Florida (IPOF). With nearly two decades of experience, Ben and this team earn their clients' trust each and every day.

Their best clients are sophisticated clients interested in efficiently resolving matters. When clients need legal advice, to prepare a contract, or to litigate they have Ben on fast-dial and text when they need him.

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